Monday, August 13, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Sorry I'm running late! 
The UPS man arrived at 4:59 and the UPS man/truck is a major event around our house...or Sawyer thinks so anyway.  Good grief.  He also happened to be bringing weights Andy ordered so each box weighed over 100 pounds.  He looked like he'd had a hard we also had to give him a bottle of water.  He took it, but I think he mostly just wanted to get away from Sawyer.

Sawyer apologizes for the delay. That brown truck is just so stinkin' scary, guys.
I was planning to get one of those fancy online gadgets to do a random number selector but...I didn't.  :)  

No particular reason why except that I looked up how to do it and it looked slightly we're kickin' it old school instead with a mixing bowl and some paper slips!  Don't worry...Sawyer witnessed the drawing to make sure it was legit.

The good news is we do have a winner....Kristin Flora!!!! 
I will email you your gift card momentarily!!
Kristin is a kindergarten teacher and will be able to stock up on some things from TPT to get started this year.  Yay!  Congrats Kristin!

The TPT sale is going on through tonight at midnight (code: BTS12) but a lot of my favorite bloggers are extending their sales for a few more days.  Have fun shopping!!!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. :) Check back soon for back to school FREEBIES!

I promised classroom pictures today but my phone was dying so it will have to wait until the next time I head in.....sorry!

I did get pretty excited today when I was putting up my outside bulletin board and remembered I'd be needing to change my name in a few months...I put the replacement letters in a plastic bag, labeled it Mrs. Johnston with a sharpie, and put it in the top drawer of my desk.  And it made me very, very excited!

I don't even have to replace that many letters! Meant to be? I think so.



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Sawyer is absolutely adorable!!!

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