Sunday, August 12, 2012

TPT gift card GIVEAWAY and some "Super Simple Back to School Math Games"

Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much to those of you who have taken time to send such sweet, encouraging comments and emails about my new blog.  You have no idea how excited I've been to see that a few people have checked it out!!

Everybody knows about the big Teachers Pay Teachers sale going on right now, right?!?!  A ton of my favorite bloggers have 20% off in their store on ALL their products.  Look at my list of "inspiration" blogs on the right side of the screen to link to their blogs and TPT stores. When you check out don't forget to put in the code: BTS12  for an extra 10% off from the site.  I just went on a little shopping spree myself.  I will post soon and show you some of my favorite products!

The sale runs through tomorrow so make sure you grab your stuff!!!

Guess what?? I just finished creating a little packet of SIMPLE Back to School math games for my first graders! 

Read on or scroll down to find out how you can get all these math games for a buck AND win a gift card to TPT!!
I created these games because I am always SO overwhelmed at the beginning of the year trying to not only teach all the rules and procedures, but also dive into the curriculum and keep my cuties engaged. 

I know they get tired of hearing me talk...but every time we go to do something new it brings up a whole new set of rules and procedures.

A lot of the "back to school" games and activities I have purchased or found are just too involved for the VERY beginning of the year.  I use Envisions Math and the first week or two of lessons are very, very basic kindergarten review topics which is nice so that we can really concentrate on the "other stuff" but I know my students need some "hands on" time too to review some kindergarten skills!

These games are super duper SIMPLE, require very few manipulatives, and do not require hardly any I can save my voice for teaching them how to walk in the hall, how to go through the lunch line, how to ask to go to the restroom, playground rules, where to hang backpacks, where to turn in work, etc. etc. etc. etc...

I think these games are perfect for the first week or two of first grade (and possibly second grade as well for a beginning of the year review!)  They would be appropriate all year for kindergarten.  (shapes, ten frames, ordinal numbers, one to one correspondence, number recognition, etc.) 
These games are so simple that it will allow me to focus a lot on making sure we are concentrating on taking turns, playing fair, using our materials appropriately, voice level during partner games (and all that good stuff).

Also included in this packet is a tutorial for my absolute favorite math idea for making spinners to go along with games!  I always used to DREAD making spinners to go with games because the paper clips and brads never held up and I detest trying to punch holes through the laminated paper.  Ugh!

I found these little clear spinners on
They are only 3 bucks for a set of 5 and I received my order in about 2 days!
(They are just overhead spinners so if you have some laying're all set.)

I like to laminate any printable spinners I have for durability. 
Then, all you have to do is stick some velcro dots on.

Then, put the matching velcro dots on the BACK of the clear spinner. stick the clear spinner ON TOP of the printed spinner and you have a spinner that works great AND can be pulled off and re-used on another game.

Here is a money game from one of Cara Carroll's fabulous units.  This is the same clear spinner, just stuck on a new game!


So here's the Back to School math game packet is in my brand new Teachers Pay Teachers store on sale for $1!!! If you buy it by midnight on the 13th and use the code BTS12 you will get 10% off of your buck! ;)

To celebrate my first packet in my TPT store I want to give someone a $10 gift certificate to the site to buy anything you want!

All you have to do is follow my blog (click join on the right side over there under followers)
and then send me an email OR leave a comment on this post with your email address 
and I will do a random drawing TOMORROW (Monday) at 5 pm. 

That way, if you're'll still have time to take advantage of the big Back to School sale on the site!

*If you are already following , just shoot me an email or comment and I'll enter you right in the drawing. I don't have many followers so you have a VERY good chance of being the big winner!* 


Classroom pictures coming TOMORROW!

And good luck to you if you are starting back to school tomorrow. I hope this is your most fabulous year yet.

Happy teaching to you!


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