Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher Week Finale : Freebie Friday!!

What could be better than a bunch of freebies on a Friday??

Soooo excited to participate but we are on the road today headed home from vacation...and I don't have my flash drive so you'll have to come on back this weekend for some!?!
For now...if you don't have this math game...go ahead and grab it.  It's from my Super Simple Back to School Math Games pack, so you don't need a thing except for the game and some dice!! 
By the way...Dollar Tree is my favorite spot to find dice.  You can get a pretty big pack in different colors for a buck!
 That whole pack is full of quick, easy games that require very few materials and VERY few directions so that you can play them in the first few days and weeks of school when you are still working on getting everything running smoothly. 
Also - check out these free reading strategy cards (whether you do Daily 5 or not) to use in small group or to put on a board and teach with in a whole group setting.  I hope your kids love the characters as much as mine do.  :) They are in my TPT shop. 
Here's a little preview...
It helps them remember which strategies to use.  I have stuffed animals that match each one so we can display them and pick them up when we're discussing strategies!
There are also some headers for a reading strategy board that match these strategy cards in my TPT shop (for FREE) if you're interested!
And finally (for now!) here's a cute little weekly "teacher to-do list" that I hope you can use as we all start getting back on a schedule. 
Print in grayscale if you want to save on colored ink. The chevron stripes still show up in different shades of gray!
In the summer, I can find a recipe on out to the grocery store in the middle of the day...and leisurely make dinner any given night of the week.  Once school starts, the thought of having to go to the grocery store (or anywhere) after school is just awful.  I want to get HOME.  So I like to do my grocery shopping on the weekend if at all possible.
And you know there's always those little things you need to pick up for a science experiment at the store...
So here is a place to put EVERYTHING.  I use the "colornote" app on my phone for recording these things when I don't have my list handy, but I still like to transfer everything over to this paper list as soon as I can.  There's just something about a flair pen crossing out something on an actual piece of paper!  And yes, I am absolutely the girl that will write something I've already done on my list just so I can cross it out.  Reminds me of that Frog and Toad story called "The List."  Ha!
There is also a second page on the download which is a grocery list.  If I don't organize my list by section of the store...I am wandering all over that place retracing my steps.  I usually pick a few recipes for the week (from pinterest, no doubt) and organize my ingredients on this list so that my weekend grocery store trip is as quick as possible!
I can't post it as a document that can be edited because of the font and artwork, but I'd be more than happy to change something up if anybody needs a little different version!  Just get in touch. :)
Enjoy...and please come back soon for more freebies once I get home and start going through my "back to school" files on my flash drive this weekend!
Happy Friday to you!


Rikki said...

What a fun freebie. I love your grocery list. What a great idea. I'm the idiot that is running all over the store because I forgot to get something in a certain area. Great tip!
The Hive

Mrs. Wathen said...

Great freebie! I found your blog from the blog hop and am your newest folower:)

The Resourceful Apple

Amy J said...

This has helped me a lot...hope it does the same for you!! :)

Amy J said...

Thanks Tammy! I love the name of your blog...heading there now!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Hey Amy! I love the little Race to the Top game...esp the number graphics! I am looking for simple games these first few weeks of school. Thanks!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Amy J said...

You are so very welcome! I hope your kids love it. :)

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