Friday, August 17, 2012

Warning: not a "teacher" post!

You've been warned! There ain't a thing about teaching in this post! :)

I was planning on posting all about what the "Daily 5" (which is really more like the "Daily 3" for me...) looks like in my classroom.  I was going to try to make it very informative and detailed and all that good stuff. I really was.

But then...something happened.

I went out to the mailbox and saw that my awesome photographer, Mary, had emailed me a CD of our engagement pictures...and I haven't been able to stop looking through them all evening trying to pick out my favorites.  Mary made it hard.

If you're local, you must check her out.

If you're not local...she loves to travel.  Just sayin'...
She is adorable, a joy to be around, and ridiculously talented.

My fiance's family has a farm in Giles County that has been in their family for generations. We got all dressed up, packed up the dog one Sunday evening, and drove the hour to get there to do our pictures, and when we got there....crash, boom, drip, drop...gush. (That's thunder and lightning and rain if you couldn't tell.) Lots of rain. Lots and lots.  It rained like it hadn't rained all summer.

 Seriously monsoon-ish.

  I was a tad bit sad...but Mary decided we should take pictures anyway. Her exact words were, "OK...this will work!" Really??

We thought she was crazy(ish) ...but it turns out she's just THAT good. ;)
I loved her attitude and I love that we didn't let a little rain ruin our photos (even if my hair was matted to my face by the end of the evening).

I think I need to have more of her my teaching...and in my life.

Because a lot of times "it will work" even if it's not ideal, or in the lesson plan, or on the list of state standards...or if it's raining.  And sometimes it works pretty darn well!

I apologize for the very non-teacher-ish post on my teacher blog.  I PROMISE to do a post about my reading block VERY soon. 

But tonight, I am looking at pictures of me and my favorite guys and feeling pretty blessed.

Sawyer could NOT resist being left out of a "kissy" picture.  Lovin' this family kiss shot instead.

If anyone  wants to see the rest, feel free to click here.

PS - I am going to be on a little vacation with my boys next week but I'm still going to try to link up with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week as much as I can. :)

 I am super duper excited to see everyone's stuff!



Mrs. Wheeler said...

The pictures look great! Congrats on your engagement! I would love to hear more about Daily 5...esp since you called it Daily 3. That sounds even better!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Heather's Heart said...

Your pictures are precious Amy! I am so glad you shared them with us. =) It is always fun to see the other side of the teacher behind the blog. I love the family shot with stinkin' sweet. =)

My philosophy for this year is "Go with the flow because only God knows."

Blessings sweet friend!

Heather's Heart

Amy J said...

Thanks Megan! And thank you for following. :) Can't wait to post more about my "Daily 3!" Soon, I promise!

Amy J said...

You are the sweetest. I love your philosophy...that sounds like one I need to write down and stick on the inside of my desk drawer. That would be nice to "find" during the day. :)

applesandabcs said...

You guys are the cutest couple! I love the photos!
Apples and ABC's

Amy J said...

Thank you Michelle!! :)

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