Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Teach Wednesday...Kinda!

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite day of teacher week! I just love seeing the little nooks and crannies of everybody's classroom.  That is why I'm a little sad that I can't fully participate.  I am on vacation and so I obviously can't get in my room to get some updated pictures.  I worked pretty hard on it last week knowing that we were doing this end of summer getaway.  It was nowhere near done but when I head back to work on the 27th, I hope to finish it up pretty quickly and spend the bulk of my week planning, etc.  I think I say that every year though...and I end up scrambling all week to get names on everything and decorate. 
Since I can't take you inside my room, I will share some of my favorite products that you will see when you take the tour!  My favorite teacher store is creative teaching press.  Love their stuff!
These borders are everywhere in my room!!  They go with all of the "poppin' patterns" and "dots on black" collections from CTP.

These sweet little apples come in stickers, notepads, cutouts, 'em!

I am going to use these this year for my students to collect their "tickets" that I pass out for good behavior and keep in their desk "drawers."

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These come in a pack of over 200 for 5 bucks! 

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Everything in my room is labeled with these guys.  A 2x4 label fits perfectly in the blank space so I can use my cutesy fonts, print them out and stick them right on. I even used these for names in cubbies last year...and probably will again!


(My kids' favorite product from CTP has to be their extensive line of scratch and sniff stickers!)
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Here is a sneak peek at my room.  I have a GIANT bulletin board outside my door that is a pain to get ready, but makes hanging work with a stapler super easy during the year. I use fabric to cover all my boards.  It lasts for years and looks so crisp!
  It is all set and ready for some cute first grade work!!
Come on back  next week for a "real" tour of my room!



princessdani22 said...

I love the fabric board backing - never heard of it being used to back boards before. Do you staple the work in to the boards or do you use pegs etc to attach work?


Amy Journell said...

Hi Dani! It takes a little while (and another set of hands) to stretch the fabric tight as you staple it around the edges...but once it's up nice and tight, you can staple work to it (or use push pins) and when you take the work can't even see the holes. So, in my opinion, it holds up better than paper and doesn't show the little staple holes. :) I don't think I'll ever go back to using paper again. I hope that answers your question!!

Ms. Rachel said...

Love that bulletin board!! so huge!!!

Rikki said...

I love those borders. Too cute!!
The Hive

Amy J said...

I have a love/hate relationship with it...but now that it's!! :)

Amy J said...

Thanks Rikki!!

princessdani22 said...

What a fab tip!! I'll definitely be doing this with my boards next September! xx

Kelley Dolling said...

Dude . . . here . . . here on that bulletin board!! I would kill to have one that big (and cute)! Great work my friend.

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

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