Friday, August 16, 2013

Teacher Week 2013: Tips & Tricks - Make a Fabric Bulletin Board from "scratch"

I'm back for a quick post on the last day of teacher week!
I've gotten a lot of questions about the fabric "bulletin boards" that were in my classroom pictures earlier this week.

 Example #1 - blue polka dotted board beside the Smartboard

Example #2- yellow chevron board above community supply shelf

Example #3 - hot pink board above (soon to be blue shelves) for math manipulatives

The truth is they are not bulletin boards at's just plain ol' fabric on my painted cinderblock walls.  So, I figured I'd go ahead and make that a quick trick to share.  I think I've finally mastered the easiest (and quickest) way to put fabric on the walls after several years of trial and error.
So, first things first.  You need to meet my hot, new BFF.
Here she is.
Isn't she beautiful?
This is a cordless glue gun.  I've borrowed one from one of my coworkers for going on 7 years now so I finally broke down at bought my own (at JoAnns).  It's fabulous.  You can use it for quite a while before putting it back on its base to heat up again.  I'm sure you could do this without a cordless gun but this makes it way easier.
I put up almost everything in my room with hot glue because it's the only thing that stays all year.  Most of the time it pops right off of the wall with no problems but every now and then you'll get a glob that doesn't want to come off without the paint. 
Soooo...I figured out a different way to hang things instead of putting the hot glue directly on the wall. 
Painter's tape!
Just put the tape wherever you want to hang something and the hot glue goes on the painter's tape.  If you need to take it down, you just peel the painter's tape off and there is absolutely no mess or damage!
You can also put painter's tape on whatever it is that you are hanging so that it won't be damaged if you want to take it down or move it but I didn't do that with my fabric because I figured by the time I wanted a change, I would be ready for new fabric.
The best part is this makes the whole process go super duper fast AND helps you get your fabric straight on the wall!
More tape and the fabric is on its way up!
*Notice the purple hot little bff can be kind of feisty sometimes.  We have somewhat of an unhealthy relationship.  She burns me.  I say bad things to her and then I forgive her and love her once more.  Sigh.*

If you need a little extra staying power for a larger board...this stuff works great and wipes off the wall with a Clorox wipe pretty easily.

 It works fine without anything except hot glue around the edges, though!

Then, you can put your border up the same way OR hot glue your border straight on the fabric.

Now you have a brand new bulletin board and less ugly cinderblock wall!
Please excuse the hot mess below the board.  It is going to be dealt with soon. ;)
Happy Friday!


The Cozy Classroom said...

Thanks for the great tip! Your classroom looks so cute!!

The Cozy Classroom

Rachel said...

Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing!!
A Tall Drink of Water

Linz said...

This looks great! How do you hang things on the fabric? Does it hold well?

dbednars said...

Thank you for sharing that tip! Now, I definitely have to try it.

Nicole Gralski said...

How do you put Things ON the bulletin board once it's up? :-)

Mrs.D. from Italy said...

wonderful blog...a lot of great ideas!

Alicia Johnson said...

how do you get things to attach on your "bulletin boards"? I put material on slate chalkboard this year, but can not figure out how to attach anything to the material (except now maybe hot glue will work)- Thanks

Jenna said...

I'm also interested in how you would attach charts and posters to your bulletin boards.

marisol perez said...

How do you attach stuff to the fabric after it is already up?

Miss Rachel said...

How do you attach things to the "board" if you have to attach everything with hot glue then it can't be interchangeable student work or theme related things right?

SheBlogs said...

I imagine this would be for her more permanent things like, classroom rules or school universals. She probably hot glues those or uses tape. You can also put Velcro dots on the fabric in order for kids to manipulate what's on the board.

Bbintz said...

Great idea! I was wondering if the board can be taken down for summer then reused the next year?

Erin Zinke said...

Awesome idea!!!!! I have a perfect place to try this in.

Anonymous said...

What do you use to hang things ON the bulletin board?

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Never thought about painters tape to make a straight line. I've done this before with bulletin board paper and Mavalus tape (only tape I can get to stick to cinderblock). I used command hooks on the paper (hole punch charts) and also hot glued those magnetic clips to the paper to clip things too. Velcro works too. Probably best for fabric.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever find out how items are attached to the bulletin board?

jessica worley said...

I bet glue dots would work!!

likemartha said...

you should be able to use masking tape to stick things to it that way you can change out the information/projects on the board

Anonymous said...

When I have hung fabric or paper from a cork strip to make a bulletin board display, I just put lots of staping or masking tape on the back of the things I hang. It works fine and looks better than just hanging on a blank wall.

Anonymous said...

Painter's tape doesn't stick to my cinder blocks very long....must be the type of paint the school used. I don't want to pull any paint off my walls with the hot glue. I love this idea, but I'm not sure how I could do it....

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