Monday, August 5, 2013

Guess what?

I have a new blog design that will be unveiled VERY soon I hope.  I'm so darn excited.  Here's a little sneaky peeky...


Stay tuned, friends!

I haven't been able to get back in my classroom for a few days but I've been working a little bit at home and my favorite finds this week were these lightweight, bright frames at Michael's! They were buy one get one free PLUS the sweet lady at the register had a coupon for 20% off instead of my 15% teacher discount. Woohoo!  I love them and I think (hope!) they're lightweight enough to stick on the wall with a command hook.

Everything looks better framed, am I right?  I obviously couldn't afford to frame everything on my walls so I decided to frame the rules and motivational posters.  Here is a start on that.

Click the links to be taken to the original source if you like these posters.

If You Can't Be Kind, Be Quiet  (Can I get an amen?)

And the class rules were made by yours truly.  

I actually posted a different one a couple weeks ago and I changed my mind on the color scheme (big shocker!) are welcome to grab yourself a copy of either one if you want them!

I like to keep my class rules short and sweet.  I let the kids have input on what kind of rules they want in the classroom on the first day of school...but for some reason they always get bogged down in things that pertain to physical violence and gross stuff.  Is that just my kids?

If I took all of their ideas, we would have 6,972 rules.  

1.  No hitting
2. No pushing
3. No kicking
4. No spitting in other people's food in the lunchroom (an actual one from one of my kiddos from last year)
5.  No biting
6. No calling people "cry babies" even if they are  (no...I couldn't make this stuff up)
etc. etc. etc. etc.

You get the picture.  So...I still get their input, but I have these 3 ready to rock because let's be honest I can slide any transgression into one of these categories.  I'm good like that.

Pretty sure spitting in other people's food qualifies as not being kind and respectful.  Just saying.

Last but not least,  I've been working on a little "Back to Basics" math and literacy pack and it's up and ready to go!  This is full of activities (whole group, small group, individual work, and partner games) that I plan to use to review basic skills with my first graders at the beginning of the year.  It would be perfect for kindergarten and Pre-K all year long.  I also plan to keep these activities handy to use for intervention as needed throughout the year in my first grade classroom.

Language Arts Skills:
first day writing template
-alphabet letter cards (lowercase)
-alphabet letter cards (capital)
-letter sounds picture cards (26 plus ch/sh/th)
-beginning sound assessment & answer key
-CVC picture cards
-CVC word cards
-"write around the room" CVC activity and/or assessment
-missing letter CVC assessment and/or guided practice
-DRAW IT (CVC word version)
-DRAW IT (CVC sentence version)
-rhyming picture match/pocket chart cards
-"No Nonsense" real vs. nonsense word rhyming activity
-rhyming sentence challenge activity

Math Skills:
-"A Number Book" (students illustrate simple sentences to show mastery of one to one correspondence with simple pictures)
(numbers 1-10)-"Adios Monsters" dice game & recording sheet
-"Spin it to Win it" card/unifix cube game (numbers 0-20)
-"It's All About the Dots" subitizing cards...perfect for number talks!
-"Fill it Up" card game (numbers 1-30)
-colorful number cards 1-30

It is ON SALE for 5 bucks this week. :)  Check out the preview here if you're interested!

I'd also love to GIVE IT AWAY to the first 5 readers that head over to my facebook page and leave me a comment there telling me you could use it! 

Happy Summer!


Lindsay Everitt said...

I can't find the one poster "be kind, no exceptions" when I click on the link...there are many there but I don't see that one...

Amy J said...
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Amy J said...

Hey Lindsay...I think I linked it wrong. Check it out now! Thanks for catching that.

Sam said...

Hi Amy!!!

I recently stumbled upon your blog and I just *had* to nominate you for a Liebster Blog Award!!! I just finished my own post about the award so follow my link to learn all about the award and how it works:

Fun With Firsties Liebster Blog Award

Fun With Firsties

P.S. I loooove the sneak peek at your new blog design, can't wait to see it in action :)

Kathleen Schill said...

Hi Amy!
I am so excited to have just found your blog! I LOVE your style and I am obsessed with the ribbon banner; it looks like we have the same theme going, so I know we will get along ;)! Anyways, I just wanted to say hi. Congratulations of getting married!!!
K-3 Kathleen

Amy J said...

Thanks, Sam! How sweet!

Amy J said...

We sure do! Good taste. ;) Thank you for your sweet message...can't wait to see your finished classroom!

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