Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week 2013: Classroom Sneak Peak

This is probably my favorite day of teacher week! I just love looking in other people's classrooms! 

My classroom is nowhere near finished! I will share what I have but I'll be back later to show you the finished product!

 I took some pictures last week before I left but I still have a lot to do.  I have worked more this summer than I usually do because I was on a mission to get rid of every single monkey/jungle thing!  I've been hanging with the monkeys for 6 years and it was just time for them to go.  I decided to go without a "theme" so that maybe I won't get tired of it quickly.  I think my theme now is just bright colors and patterns! I know some people probably think it is too bright and crazy but I believe in organized chaos!  I think if everything has its place and your room is neat and can go a little crazy with colors!  I just made that rule up as I was typing. I like it.  I'm sticking to it.  My house is neutral city so I think my classroom is my little outlet for my love of all things bright!

I am incorporating a little bit of the "boho birds" collection from Carson Dellosa and "tweeting birds" collection from Creative Teaching Press to pull everything together.  It's funny because I really don't like birds in real life but as you can see from my blog...I adore little pink, cartoon birds. 

OK.....I'm just procrastinating because I don't want to show you my unfinished room.  Don't judge.  ;)

 Classroom library needs labels and some TLC

 Writing table and my teacher the "word wall to be"

A closer look at my teacher area...needing labels!

 Front of the room...needs a lot of work.  The yellow frames at the top ready to be filled with math word wall cards and word work "chunks."

 The meeting area with smartboard where most of my whole group teaching takes place.  The green chevron board in the back is going to be full of anchor charts and projects that we are working on throughout the year.  The pillow on the floor in the back will be around a little black table for reading and partner work.

 Squint your eyes and pretend that those math manipulative boxes are on a pretty blue shelf that the hubs is making me. ;)  That door is the bathroom door waiting to be decorated.  The yellow curtains hide guided reading materials and more math manipulatives and LOTS of TPT products and games in manilla envelopes!  The blue drawers hold work work materials like wiki stix, stamps, a mini sandbox, shaving cream, letter cubes, etc.

This is my guided reading/math table for small group instruction.  The blue polka dot board in the back is the back of my supply shelf and will hold reading strategies (magnetic).

This is our community supply shelf as you walk in the door...ready to be filled with brand new supplies...makes my teacher heart happy!  Everything is ready for some cute labels...on my to do list next week!

That's all for now.  Come back soon for a finished version! Don't forget to link up with Blog Hoppin' to get in on all the fun this week.  I'm off to the beach...can't wait to look in all of the beautiful classrooms this evening!


Mrs. Hodson said...

LOVE your striped rugs! They are perfect for your room!

Today In First Grade

Kandice said...

I love how you used your space and the green chevron bulletin board!!! So cute!

amy.lemons said...

I love your color scheme! So cute!

Third and Goal said...

So bright and cheerful! I love it!!


Anonymous said...

If I had a 1st grader, I would be excited to find out they'd been assigned to your class! I hope Gavin has teachers like you!

Rachel said...

Your room is adorable! My theme is just bright colors this year too :)


Amanda Bryant said...

Love the chevron and fabric banner on the walls!

Amanda Bryant
A Traveled Teacher

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Looks great! I love those little rugs!!!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Sue said...

I love your colors. Your desk area looks great too. I am a new follower.

The Very Busy Classroom

Mrs. Thompson said...

Your room is really looking cute! :) I too got rid of jungle/monkeys this year. I can't wait to see your finished product. I am your newest follower!

Mrs. Thompson
Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
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