Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

I love this linky party because I've been a pinning machine this summer!  Thanks, sweet Cara!  It makes me feel productive without really doing anything. ;) should.

Here are some of my latest favorites...

Painter's tape to make handwriting lines...easy and useful!
(the link was bad on this one...let me know if it's yours so I can give credit where credit is due!)

I am skeptical that 24 will fit in a soapbox but Pinterest says it must be so!  I'm hoping I can find a pack of 3 at the Dollar Tree?!?!

I am afraid to print this yet, for fear it will suck the rest of my precious black ink out...but I love it and plan to display it in my classroom this year and refer to it often.  It reminds of Bambi when Thumper says "My momma always told me...if you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." So true!
Click the image to find the original source!

Here is a dreamy little pin for my pretend beach house. ;)  This looks like the PERFECT room for afternoon napping.
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And I've been pinning LOTS of ideas for finishing our basement onto my "DIY...or ask Andy to do it" board! :)
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And last but not least...this pin was titled "hundreds of healthy lunch ideas that don't involve sandwiches."  I get in such a rut when I pack lunches for school.  I think it's the hardest meal to plan for.  I love some of these ideas...and I love that there are pictures! :)

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Happy Friday & Happy Pinning!



Rachel said...

Such great pins!! I was wondering about those Dollar Tree containers too! But I was hoping maybe a deck of cards would fit in them. Guess I'll have to try that out! Also I love that bedroom in your pretend beach house! I would totally come stay!!

A Tall Drink of Water

Amy J said...

I think I've seen the deck of cards in there, too! Let me know if you find them at the Dollar Tree! When I win the lottery and build my beach are welcome! hehe :)

Mona said...

HI Amy,

I've seen the QUIET poster and like it, too. I love your beach house. {My kind of decorating}. Enjoyed your pins.

MonaFirst Grade Schoolhouse

Mrs. Griffith said...

Wow! If you can make your basement look like that, I'm calling you when we build our next house!

For the Love of First Grade

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