Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Ends & Odds

I am insanely jealous of my teacher friends who have started their Thanksgiving break.  Wednesday afternoon can't come soon enough! I'm ready for some time at home with my boys.  We had our big family Thanksgiving last weekend with my brother's wife's family.  Clear as mud? We started that tradition several years ago when my brother and sister lived in Chicago and couldn't get off of work for "real Thanksgiving" and even though they live close by now...we continue the tradition.  My brother couldn't even go this year because he was presenting at a conference and we still went!  They are fun and we love them like family, so it works. :)  We have an annual cornhole tournament and shuffleboard tournament.  I came in second in cornhole and close to dead last in shuffleboard this year!  Lucky for me, Andy is way better than me and won us some cash!

My kids have been LOVING this little video for a quick brain break the past week or two.  I come home singing  it every daggone day. 

I hope you all are gearing up for a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend as well.  I'm going to try some Black Friday shopping online this year.  We are usually out of town on Thanksgiving but with Andy's firefighter schedule...we just have to go with the flow each year depending on what days he works.  This's Thanksgiving day.  Don't forget to add firefighters, police officers, ER workers and many many others to your thankful list this year!  They are at work when no one else wants to be. :)  It's new for me because I'm big on traditions but I'm starting to embrace the change and the different possibilities for each year. 

I know it's a little late...but if any of you need some quick Thanksgiving "stuff" for the next couple days...feel free to grab!  If not, tuck it away for next year!

We made scrapbook paper turkeys today and wrote about what we were thankful for.  We were interruped a million times for random things when we got ready to write and we were kinda they totally surprised me with their sweet, thoughtful writings!

"thankful for my dog because my dog is happy to see me"
So true!

"thankful for my mom because she loves me and thankful for my dog because he "cudls" me"

"thankful for my school because I'm in my favorite class...thankful for my mom because "everything."
Well Said.

"thankful for my dogs because they are part of my family and thankful for my teacher because she is nice."
She may get exra credit. ;)
If you need a Thanksgiving writing template, you can grab this one for free in my TPT shop.
If you're interested in making scrapbook paper turkeys...I just cut out squares of fall themed scrapbook paper and used a simple turkey template and we traced and assembled...and had a blast doing it! 

Have you heard about the TPT sale?? All of my products will be 20% off as well as many of my FAVORITE sellers.  TPT is throwing in an extra 10% off...awesome time to stock up!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  Bless you!


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