Saturday, December 29, 2012

Geometry & Patterns: Hello Winter!

I hope you all had yourselves a VERY merry little Christmas.  Andy and I are at his sister's house in Nashville for a few days visiting with our adorable little niece and nephew....while we patiently wait for a sweet niece (and goddaughter) on the other side of the family (my brother and his wife) to make her arrival!  Exciting times! 

This post will be short and sweet because we are back on the road today, but just in case anyone is being REALLY good and already planning for your return in January, I wanted to share a few  fun math projects that we'll be working on when we get back.  We will take our "short week" to review addition and subtraction strategies before we dive into patterns, geometry, and comparing/ordering numbers to 100.  

My brand new "Hello Winter" math pack includes:

 -a winter story problem book (15 pages concentrating on addition/subtraction)
-backwards story problem templates 
-addition/subtraction independent practice sheets (to 12 OR to 18)
-a geometry book for introducing vocabulary (closed vs. open shapes, sides, vertices, etc.) and attributes of basic plane shapes 
-list of geometry books available to enhance your teaching
-"At First it Was a Shape..."  book (my absolute favorite!) which incorporates creative writing into recognizing plane shapes in our environment
-"Draw Me!" independent practice and/or assessment sheets to monitor students' understanding of attributes of basic plane shapes AND ability to construct them
-pattern block cards
-winter pattern picture cards (to use in centers/stations OR as a whole group/small group)
-Pick the Pattern independent practice and/or assessment sheets to monitor students' understanding of how to extend shape/color patterns
-"Between Teens" partner/small group game and coordinating number cards to introduce and practice numbers 10-20 as well as concepts of one more/one less  



I am really proud of this product and excited to use it with my own kiddos when we return.  I will be back soon to show you more of this pack in detail.  Right now...I think there is a dance party starting upstairs in our nephew's room with a Yo-Gabba-Gabba CD and I don't want to miss it. ;)  

If you're interested, there is a lengthy preview available to download on TPT to see if it's something you might want to use.

Click on over to my TPT store and grab this Hello Winter math pack while it's on sale for $5 through the end of the year!

Happy end of December to you!


Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

Your winter math packet looks amazing! It sounds like you have been having a wonderful time with your family celebrating the holidays. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I am having a New Year giveaway and would love for you to stop by and check it out.
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

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