Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Linky!

The super duper cute Mrs. Wheeler over at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits invited me to link up for her fall sale! 

Then...I realized TONS of bloggers were celebrating the first day of fall with sales!
Ahh! I'm not quite finished with the fall activities I was planning to share (being sick this week has been rrrrrough!)  but I don't like to miss out on good sales!
(Plus, if you haven't checked out her cute blog...head on over.  I love her blog, you will too!)
So...for now, here is a little fall freebie for ya!
My firsties are shying away from taking chances with their writing.  They are stuck in a
"I like ________."
"I see a ________."
writing rut.
I'm ridiculously happy if they just write a sentence with finger spaces and a capital letter and period right now, so I'm not complaining....but I made these silly fall sentences to encourage them to take a risk and write some new things.
These are fall sentences...with a twist. 
A scarecrow having a birthday party with a squirrel?
A ghost eating a lollipop?
A cat with a bumblebee on it's tail?
of course.
I think they will have fun with these. :) 
I sure had fun making them...but maybe that was the cold medicine taking over...
In any case, help yourself if you think your kiddos would enjoy writing some silly sentences to go with these crazy pictures!
And, yes....everything in my TPT store is on sale tomorrow (20% off). 

Check out these linky parties to find TONS of bloggers with good sales going on! :)
Second Grade Math Maniac  <---just found her blog and am lovin' it!
But if there's anything I love more than a good's FREE stuff. 
And...pssssst.... almost everything in my store is free. :)
So head on over and stock up!
I'll be back soon with tons more FALL activites.  Be sure to follow my blog and TPT store so you'll be able to check it out when I get it all posted....lots of freebies!

Here is my current best seller.  An entire year's worth of Dolch sight word curriculum with word cards, daily assignments, homework, assessments, weekly oral reading checks, etc.

I'm getting close(ish) to 100 followers and I'd love to start planning a fabulous giveaway.
Just sayin'.  ;)
Happy Weekend to you...and Happy Fall!


Casey Turner said...

Thanks for linking up Amy! :)

Second Grade Math Maniac: Fall Sale!

Rachel Seymour said...

I'm your newest follower! Your silly sentences are adorable! :)


Michelle Hudgeons said...

I am loving this packet! I am your newest follower.
Michelle @ Smitten with First

Lisa Mattes said...

Love these! Thanks, Amy!!!
Growing Firsties

Cindy Calenti said...

Your blog is darling and your products look fabulous! I can see that you are almost at 100 followers- congrats.

I just became your latest follower! I like to help those number go up for fellow bloggers.

I am also a new blogger- so I hope you have a chance to stop by my blog.


Granny Goes to School

Amy J said...

Thank YOU!

Amy J said...

I returned the glad I found your blog! Thank you for your sweet words.

Amy J said...

I'm heading over to visit you now! Thanks Michelle!

Amy J said...

Of course! Thanks, Lisa!

Amy J said...

You are too kind! Thank you so much! I'm headed your way now. :)

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