Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to my little blog :)

To find out more about who I the "Meet the Teacher" tab on top of this page. :)

Welcome to my little blog! I have been wanting to start a blog for quite a while now...after being completely and totally inspired by the awesome things I have seen on so many of your blogs!  I have used SO MANY ideas from "blogland" the last two years and it has made my days with my firsties SO MUCH FUN!

Well...most of them. ;)

My color ink budget has been a bit inflated (yikes!), and I'm pretty sure I have used more than my fair share of lamination...but when I get excited about doing new things at school, it rubs off on the kiddos for sure! So completely worth it.

I was lucky enough to join an amazing team of first grade teachers my first year of teaching (5 years ago now?!?! really?!?!) and they have hung in with me as I have introduced them to blog after blog...after blog.

I have taken a lot of what they were already doing before I came along and infused it with some new ideas and although everything is still a work in progress...I finally feel comfortable tackling some new things and sharing what's happening in my room. At least that's what I think now...because it's July...and I am tanned and refreshed and am drinking a glass of wine (truth!).  So ask me again in November... and it just might be a different story. :)

Anyways.... It's been pretty cool to see our teaching evolve (and I'm not gonna lie...we kind of love to hear the "oooh"'s and "aaahh"'s about the cute craftivities hanging in the hall that go along with some of these awesome lessons!)

So I hope I can share some ideas to inspire another teacher...and I thought a brand new school year was a perfect place to start!

I do realize I am basically writing to myself right now. I guess my mom will probably follow my blog, and I will probably force my fiance too as well...but other than that...

echo, echo, echo...

anyone out there?? :)

It would seriously make me pretty darn excited if you would follow my blog...pretty please!

If nothing else, this will be a cool way to document the learning taking place in my classroom this year. will be another outlet for me to share random pictures of my dog...because I don't have any kids so I might be (slightly) obsessed with his wrinkly face. I mean...look at him.

Exhibit A:


and C:

Happy August!!



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In love with your dog.

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